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Business Intelligence

We are your data resource for hundreds of millions of companies, industries, products, news and trade data
Our visualized data has many benefits for our users


Informational Edge

The more you know about your customers, the better you can serve them and gain a competitive advantage.

Customer Retention

By understanding your customer's needs at a granular level, you are better equipped to meet their requirements and enhance loyalty.

Financial Risk

Assessing the company's finances provides insights into a customer's operational robustness.

Credit Risk

Credit ratings are a key indicator of a companies solvency and financial health, central to your strategy for future business.

Compliance Risk

Knowing a customer's compliance with regulations and industry standards is important best practices to minimizing your exposure to legal risks.


Thorough vetting builds trust between you and your customer. It assures both parties that they understand their respective businesses.

Trade analysis

Assessing the vendor or customers supply chain can give insights into a customer's operational robustness, enabling you to gauge compatibility and form a strategic business relationship.

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